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A Weekend In Thomasville

  • DAY 1

    7:30am- No wake-up call. It is Vacation!!! It is amazing that the national chain hotels in Thomasville are so inexpensive, yet safe, clean, comfortable and they are right off of the interstate, yet not far from uptown. Wow, and more than just a continental breakfast too. Score!

    9am- Free parking uptown, so park the car at the Visitors’ Center and spend the day in a 2-block area of uptown. The Visitors’ Center is open 9a-5p Mon-Fri.; 9a-1p Saturday and is housed in NC’s oldest passenger depot built circa 1870. The attendants will be glad to give you the short or the long version of the history of Thomasville and how it impacted the state and nation. They can also help chart your course for adventure-shopping and site-seeing based on your interests. There is a monitor that shows where the trains are and about when they will be coming through. Very cool!

    10:00am- After checking out historic photos and snapping a few pictures of trains, pose for a picture on the old caboose next door or in front of the 2-story, 3-scene mural painted on the side of the building across the street. Along this one block stretch you will also see a statue of Thomasville’s founder and the 30-foot chair that has hosted a President, beauty queens and more. There is also the clock tower, fountains, Civil War Trails information and more trains passing by.

    11:30am- P&G Antiques is like stepping back in time as you see old 45 records, pot bellied stoves and items your kids have never used or even seen.

    12:30pm- So many options for lunch. Try Choo-Chew Station because it is inside the Thomasville Antique Emporium! The old 2-story department store has thousands of antiques of all kinds. After lunch some can sit, savor dessert and sip sweet tea while others begin their hunt for treasured items.

    3pm- The car is only a block away so hop in and drive by the old Thomasville Furniture headquarters and some of the old furniture factory plants before freshening up at the hotel.

    6pm- Dinner tonight is at a Thomasville favorite, Rosa Mae’s Café. The owners, Jim and Beth Davis, who met and fell in love while working at a restaurant, say that being restaurateurs is the very essence of their souls. And Rosa Mae’s was born out of the love for each other and all things food, the restaurant gets its name from their daughters, Carissa Rose and Melina Mae.

    8pm- After dinner head over to R Lo’s Pub and Grub for live music and a great Saturday night atmosphere.

    DAY 2

    8am- There are seemingly an endless number of national chain and local flavor options for breakfast. Pick one and then begin this day with the drive-by variety of site-seeing.

    9:30am- The North Carolina Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial is only a mile or so away from the hotels. What a beautiful tribute as all 1600+ names of the KIA or MIA are etched into bricks and placed in alphabetical order making a wall. Did anyone you know serve out of NC?

    10:30am- Thomasville has the ONLY cemetery in the world where soldiers from opposing sides of the US Civil War are interred together in the same grave. Drive to all four Civil War markers in Thomasville.

    Noon- Keep the historic theme and eat lunch at the T’ville Diner. The famous restaurant started in a dining car in the 1930’s and is one of the top Diners in the state.

    1:30pm- The historic walking or driving trail is less than a mile, but gives a brief history of nearly every address along the way including the infamous Peacock house where the Dr. Peacock lived before killing the police chief in a feud over prohibition in the 1920’s!

    2:30pm- Time to stretch the legs… Maybe buy a piece of Thomasville art as a momento of the trip from “Best N Show,” or shop for furniture at one of the nation’s best stores, “Decorator’s Edge.”

    4pm- Take some time to drive by all 6 murals on the sides of buildings. One depicts actual children that grew up in Thomasville nearly 20 years ago!

    6pm- After a few meals of the local flavor, tonight is Villa Arianna. Owned and operated by Italians that have been operating restaurants in Thomasville for years, Villa Arianna is like eating in Italy!

    So much more to do in Thomasville as we covered only a small portion of the sites and shops and did not even touch on the the numerous festivals, sporting events and other nearby attractions. No problem though as Thomasville is adjacent to major interstates and within 90 minutes of 3 international airports and a few smaller ones. Call (336) 472-4422 and let us help plan your next trip!

  • DAY 1

    If you are reading this, chances are you are coming to see a Hi Toms game in the summer or Team USA or maybe an international team playing at Historic Finch Field. Then again, Thomasville hosts intercollegiate games off and on from February through May including sometimes hosting NCAA Regionals!!! Or maybe you are here for the many youth travel baseball and softball games that are played every weekend from mid February to mid November. Regardless, there is LOTS to fit into a sports weekend in Thomasville. Here is a sample weekend.

    7:30am- Kids awake excited about the games. National chain hotels in Thomasville are used to dealing with sports teams and keep the free buffet full of various breakfast items.

    8:30am- Leave for East Davidson Community Park for travel ball games. Coach wants you there by 9am. You will be early because it is only a few minutes from the hotels off I-85 in Thomasville.

    10am- Game time! There are 3 fields. Two are for younger ages and one is a larger field.

    Noon- It is time for lunch but coach wants you back at 1:15 for a 2pm game. There are probably 40+ restaurants within a 5 minute drive of the ball park. Subway and Sweet Frog Yogurt might work as a light refreshing lunch before the next game.

    1:05- At the park ready to play game #2.

    4pm- Hot and sweaty, but you are not ready for dinner. Crank the AC in the car and ride to town to see the World’s Largest Chair. President Johnson was at the Big Chair. Team USA had their picture in uniform at the Big Chair. This will make a great photo in uniform to remember the trip!

    4:30- Pictures at the Big Chair; pictures and climbing on the Caboose at the Visitors’ Center; pictures sitting in the various chairs that are works of art along the uptown sidewalks; pictures of the fountain, the clock tower, the 2-story high murals painted on the sides of buildings and even pictures of a few trains that passed by. It is great when the kids have fun and get some culture too!

    6pm- Tonight is Villa Arianna. Owned and operated by Italians that have been operating restaurants in Thomasville for years, Villa Arianna is like eating in Italy! Villa Arianna is close to uptown for catching an evening train or two and more site seeing.

    Day 2

    7am- Don’t play until 10am so doing a big breakfast at Denny’s or Sunrise Diner would be nice.

    9am- At the field for 10am game.

    Noon- The Championship game is at 2pm and coach wants the kids to conserve energy. No problem.

    Lunch can be at McDonalds or Arby’s or any of about 20+ fast food restaurants, but how about the historic T’ville Diner or Loflin’s where we can have some good southern cooking?

    1:30pm- You are at the field and prepping for the Championship game.

    4pm- So you won the championship and guess what… the Hi Toms have a home game beginning at 5pm! This is a perfect opportunity to grab dogs, fries and drinks and let the kids dream of when they are playing big-time baseball.

    Please call ahead if you have a group for a travel tournament and we may be able to get you a discount rate at hotels. We can also let you know of any festivals, sporting events, directions to shops or restaurants to fit your specific needs. Call (336) 472-4422 and let us help plan your next trip!